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PUGSLEY FAMILY Research on the Pugsleys provided by Moira Hall
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1. SAMUEL1 PUGSLEY was born Abt. 1720 in Cutcombe, Som, Eng, and died 3 December 1758.
He married ELIZABETH LYDSON 15 July 1740 in St Johns, Cutcombe, Som, Eng. She was born Abt. 1720, and died 2 September 1792 in Cutcombe, Som, Eng. 

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i. ANN2 PUGSLEY, b. 1741, Cutcombe, Som, Eng; d. 1741, Cutcombe, Som, Eng.
2. ii. JOAN PUGSLEY, b. 1744, Cutcombe, Som, Eng; d. Unknown.
3. iii. JOHN PUGSLEY, b. 1745; d. 1815, Minehead, Som, Eng.
4. iv. SAMUEL PUGSLEY, b. 1746, Cutcombe, Som, Eng; d. 1817, Cutcombe, Som, Eng.
v. WILLIAM PUGSLEY, b. 1751, Cutcombe, Som, Eng; d. 1816, Cutcombe, Som, Eng.
5. vi. RICHARD PUGSLEY, b. 1754, Cutcombe, Som, Eng; d. 1831, Cutcombe, Som, Eng.
6. vii. THOMAS PUGSLEY, b. 1757, Cutcombe, Som, Eng; d. 1826, Cutcombe, Dev, Eng.